We’re on a mission to plant UK forests and fight Climate change. #Time4Trees


We cultivate UK forests.
Not just trees.


Your subscription takes trees from sapling all the way to tree over 10 years – We’re just getting started.
Our Dartford site (AKA the Stone Pit) is being transformed from former landfill to beautiful Native UK Forestry.

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  • Phase 1 has begun! With over 7000 unique trees planted at our Dartford Site this summer.


  • With over 15 unique species of trees, we’ve planted the start of a fantastic, varied & up to Woodland Carbon Code – CO²de status.


  • Each of our trees are estimated to offset over 1 ton of CO² over their lifetime growth, making a huge difference globally.

#Time4Trees gives everyone the chance to make a difference.

Time4Trees is a new company established by land restoration specialists Land Logical and M&M Environmental. Land Logical’s core business is restoring damaged land, such as landfills and other sites that need remediation or decontamination before they can sustain any productive use. This can typically involve substantial engineering operations involving the importation of inert materials to improve ground conditions – and planting lots of trees! And as a bi-product on some sites diversification into ‘green energy’ production through, for example turning methane from landfill into electricity.


M&M Environmental bring to bear years of experience in the project management of landscape creation and remediation projects. Another essential part of the Time4Trees ‘team’ is our relationships with reputable tree-suppliers – such as Ruskins and Cheviot Trees – for guaranteed supply of quality tree-stock.It has become an accepted fact that native tree-planting on an unprecedented scale needs to be central to our response to mitigating the impacts of Climate Change. In the UK there is now a political consensus that this action is crucial, especially as commitment has been given to having a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 at the latest.


The aspiration to plant trees in increasingly large numbers for the purpose of ‘carbon capture’ is not a new aspiration; the Government’s own ‘Committee on Climate Change’ has assessed that 1.5 billion needs to be the target figure to achieve the now legally-binding national objective. This will require planting over 30,000 hectares of trees every year for the next three decades.


Yet the harsh reality of the statistics for recent years highlights how difficult this is going to be to achieve.


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In the year to March 2019 alone, a mere 1,420 hectares (3,507 acres) of trees were planted in England, against a target of 5,000 hectares a 71% shortfall in UK planted area targets.

You're here to plant trees & make the UK a cleaner place

When we create your forest we do so with Native Trees specially selected to restore pieces of damaged High Carbon land to beautiful, natural woodland.


Learn more about what Time4Trees do to create beautiful forests right here in the UK

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Why is this happening? The reasons are many and varied, but inevitably include the scarcity of readily available and long-term money for investment at rates which genuinely incentivise this land use against alternatives.

The newest schemes, including the Forestry Commission ‘Woodland Carbon Guarantee’ now coming online, are an attempt to break through the barriers to achieving a step by step change in progress.

However, no single publically-funded initiative, is going to succeed on its own. Harnessing the strengths and passions of private sector initiatives and the community-at-large is also needed, that’s where Time4Trees comes in.