Together we plant UK forests,

Not just trees.


When you plant a tree with #Time4Trees we grow your tree for a lifetime. From sapling all the way to fully grown tree & we’re just getting started.
Our four UK sites are currently being transformed by you from former landfill & disregarded space all around the UK into beautiful Native UK Forestry planned by our partners at Landlogical.


Included in your purchase:

  • Your trees planted at one of our four UK planting sites for a lifetime.
  • A guaranteed minimum of 1 ton of CO2 removed from UK air over the trees life.
  • Delivered via email our Digital Welcome Pack with your tree(s) unique GPS co-ordinates & Certificate of planting.
  • A free Gifting Service – So you can gift trees on behalf of another individual or business.
  • Seasonal updates – Getting you up to speed with Carbon Awareness. So you & others know exactly how amazing your trees are!
  • A dedicated Media set included with your Welcome Pack highlighting the unique location of your trees & images to post on Social Media or your businesses website.

Plant a tree in the UK

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