George Dilloway

Co-Founder / Director

I have always been involved with land remediation and development, but over the last few years, as environmental troubles increased, I started to asses how I could change my business and lifestyle to become more eco-friendly.


The future and my children are incredibly important to me, and therefore to provide more environmental stability for the future and help to combat climate change, I decided to start this business.


In reflection, 20 years ago would have been the best time to plant trees, but the second best time is now. At Time4Trees we are using abandoned, under-utilised spaces in UK high emission areas to plant a greener future for all.


Jed Dilloway

Co-Founder / Director

Being born into a consumer-centric world, I had never stopped to understand and think about the consequences of the lifestyle I had lived. But the damaging affects that have changed our ecosystem have illustrated the undeniable issue that our generation are facing.


I began to understand the issue, and my passion was ignited. I am not going to sit and watch climate change deteriorate the earth that provides for us and gives us a home.


This is our future, and we are able to make a change. I believe that right here, right now is time to make a difference and draw a line. The world is waking up because it’s Time4Trees, it’s time to give something back the environment that supports us, and the earth that houses us.

Jago Dilloway

Co-Founder / Director

Growing up as teen in these times, it’s always been a goal of mine to make a big difference to the world. By planting trees in urban locations around the UK my opportunity to be the change I want to see in the world has finally been realised.


As a company, we’re going to, along with your help, contribute to defeating climate change and creating a greener, safer, and healthier future for all.


Maia Dilloway

Co-Founder / Director

I have spent my education fostering an interest in the environment, what it does for us, and how we can work to protect it. I often come across those that only talk about saving the planet and ‘solving’ climate change, but rarely acting on their words.


The Earth is something that we all have in common, and therefore its preservation should be too. We understand that reversing deforestation and combating climate change is complicated, daunting and virtually impossible single-handedly, but planting a tree with us is simple and allows individuals to do their bit. Without trees, we would not be here: they help to clean the air we breath, filter the water we drink, and provide habitats to much of the world’s biodiversity.


Doing your part is simple. Any action, whether it be large or small, is one in the right direction. Join us at Time4Trees to plant a brighter, cleaner and greener future!