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Planned investment in our shared UK Climate Future is more important than ever.

The UK Government assessed that 1.5 billion trees needs to be the target figure to achieve the now legally-binding national Carbon Neutrality objectives.

Planned rigourously by our partners at Landlogical each of our sites are designed bespokely with over 15 unique species of tree – tailored for their unique surroundings to flourish & allow your planted forest to offset the greatest amount of CO² possible over its lifetime.


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We plant local forests designed to tackle a global problem #Time4Trees

Native UK tree-planting on an unprecedented scale needs to be central to our response to mitigating the impacts of Climate Change.

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Neutral by 2050

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The UK Government’s own ‘Committee on Climate Change’ assessed that 1.5 billion trees needs to be the target figure to achieve the now legally-binding national objective. This will require planting over 30,000 hectares of trees every year for the next three decades.


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